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IAFF Local F-253 is located on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA, which is home to the 3rd Infantry Regiment, US Army Band, Army Fife and Drum Corps, USMC and numerous civilian and military administrative personnel. We also provide response to Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC and the Arlington National Cemetery. On top of all of that, we also provide Aircraft Fire / Rescue at the Pentagon, as well as mutual aid to the Arlington County Fire Department and surrounding NOVA jurisdictions. We are a 31 personnel department in which the Assistant Chiefs, Captains, and Firefighters work a 48 on / 72 off work schedule. Our Apparatus fleet consists of 2 Engines, 1 Reserve Engine, 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Crash Truck, 1 Special Operations Unit, and several Utility / Support Vehicles.


Crews working to extricate patient

Crews working to extricate patient

Thursday, January 21, 2016  At 0327 hours: Engine 161 was dispatched to 2004 21st Street N. for a report of an MVC, one vehicle on its side with entrapment. Engine 110 arrived on scene 1st and confirmed one vehicle rolled over on its side with the driver still trapped inside the vehicle. Tower 104 arrived next on scene and began to stabilize the vehicle. While Engine 161 arrived on scene and began to assist E110 on removing the victim. Rescue 104 arrived on scene and crews began to break the windows and use extrication tools to cut the A and B posts of the car. Crews pealed back the roof and quickly removed the victim. The patient was back-boarded and transported by Medic 110 to a local trauma center. Engine 161: D/O C. D’Agostino, Capt. Montgomery, Capt. Rearden, F/F J. Humphreys, F/F A. Galien




Monday, December 7, 2015  We would like to take this time to congratulate Captains Rearden, Angerett, and Montgomery on being promoted to the newly established GS-9 Supervisory positions.  An additional Supervisory was hired from outside of the Department and will start at a later date.




Sunday, December 6, 2015  At 1745 hours, Arlington ECC dispatched units to the area of the Air Force Memorial located off Columbia Pike for a reported vehicle into a tree with entrapment.  Engine 161 arrived 1st on the scene to find a vehicle that had partially left the roadway and struck the concrete wall of the Memorial head on.  The crew found the driver inside of the vehicle to be a "trauma code" but not trapped.  The patient was quickly removed from the vehicle and loaded into Medic 105.  The patient was transported by ground to an area Trauma Center.  Engine 161 remained on the scene for a short time to provide lighting for Arlington County Police's investigation before returning to service at 1822 hours.

Engine 161: D/O M. Humphreys, Capt. Long, F/F Strybing, F/F Thompson




Thursday, November 26, 2015  Families joined on duty personnel at Station 61 on Fort Myer for a dinner provided by IAFF Local F-253.  




Thursday, November 19, 2015  At 0810 hours, Engine 161 was alerted for the structure fire located in the 900 block of South Monroe Street.  Engine 109 (1st due) arrived on the scene to find a working basement fire in a single family dwelling.  Engine 161 arrived seconds later picking up Engine 109's supply line and the crew advancing a 200' 1 3/4" back up line off Engine 109 to the first floor to "hold it at the steps".  Engine 109 extinguished the well advanced fire in the basement.  There were no reported civilian or fire department injuries.  Engine 161 picked up and cleared the scene at 0919 hours.

Engine 161: D/O D'Agositino, Capt. Rearden, F/F J. Humphreys, F/F Sullivan




Saturday, October 24, 2015  Firefighter Jason Luebke worked his last shift with his Brothers at Local F-253.  Brother Luebke headed a little closer to his hometown by taking a Firefighter position with the Great Lakes Fire Department in Illinois.  We wish him nothing but the best and hope you stop by when your new bundle of joy is here.  Of course we had to send him off in style!


While reading his goodbye card...

While reading his goodbye card...



Saturday, October 17, 2015   Midway through the shift, Captain Pine (Acting Battalion Chief) received a call from a gentleman stating there would be 2 runners completing a 343 mile run which started in Pittsburgh, PA and was due to end at Arlington National Cemetery.  Captain Pine brought the rest of the crews up to speed and it was agreed that we would welcome and congratulate the runners on their amazing journey.  Thad Meyer, who was hit by a car in Arlington last year while running, broke his Cervical in 2 places.  After an amazing and full recovery, he joined the "I WILL FOUNDATION" which was started by FDNY Firefighter Matt Long.  The Foundation benefits people who have experienced traumatic injuries such as Thad.  Thad and fellow runner Alex Hall ended their 7 day run in ANC around 1900 hours, and as to their surprise waiting amongst families and friends were Engines 161 and 161B along with Battalion 161.  After completing the race, Meyer and Hall talked with personnel about their mission and journey.  Congratulations again guys, a job extremely well done!!

Crews waiting on runners arrival

Crews waiting on runners arrival

Rallying them to the finish

Rallying them to the finish



Friday, October 2, 2015  Just as the crew was cleaning up from dinner, Box Alarm 102-05 was sounded for the "house fire" located in the 300 block of North Granada Street.  Engine 161 responded 4th due on this run.  Engine 102 arrived on scene and reported "smoke showing".  Engine 161 arrived along with 3rd due Engine 108.  Engine 161 picked up Engine 108's line as the crew established the RIT on Side Bravo of the house.  Crews found an electrical fire in the house and needed the assistance of Dominion Power.  Once power was secured, crews mitigated the situation and scaled the incident back.  Engine 161 cleared the scene at 1944 hours.

Engine 161: D/O M. Humphreys, Capt. Rearden, F/F Sullivan, F/F Minor




Monday, September 28, 2015  After 1600 hours, Box Alarm 101-11 was sounded for "fire on the roof of an apartment building" bringing Engine 161 3rd due.  Engine 101 arrived on the scene and reported "smoke showing" from the roof.  Engine 161 arrived and laid a secondary supply line to Side Charlie of the building.  The crew advanced the 400' 1 3/4" to exposure building.  Units found fire in the cock loft and worked to open up and extinguish the fire.  A Level 1 RIT assignment was started by Command.  Battalion Chief 161 arrived on the scene and was given Division 2 Supervisor responsibilities.  Engine 161 was re-assigned to the Roof Division with Tower 104 and Truck 106.  Units made quick work of this fire and Engine 161 returned to service at 1859 hours.

Engine 161: D/O M. Humphreys, Capt. Rearden, F/F J. Humphreys, F/F Sullivan

Battalion 161: Capt. Pine




Monday, September 28, 2015  At 0742 hours, Box 101-01 was sounded for the "Structure Fire" in the 4200 block of 2nd Rd. North bringing Engine 161 3rd due.  Engine 101 arrived on the scene and reported "light smoke showing" from Side Alpha.  Engine 161 arrived on the scene and laid a secondary supply line and positioned on Side Delta.  The crew from 161 advanced a 200' 1 3/4" crosslay over a fence to gain access to Side C.  The crew gave a Side C size up while initial crews found a closet on fire in a rear bedroom.  Engine 161 cleared the scene at 0830 hours.

Engine 161: D/O M. Humphreys, Capt. Rearden, F/F J. Humphreys, F/F Sullivan



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