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IAFF Local F-253 is located on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA, which is home to the 3rd Infantry Regiment, US Army Band, Army Fife and Drum Corps, USMC and numerous civilian and military administrative personnel. We also provide response to Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC and the Arlington National Cemetery. On top of all of that, we also provide Aircraft Fire / Rescue at the Pentagon, as well as mutual aid to the Arlington County Fire Department and surrounding NOVA jurisdictions. We are a 31 personnel department in which the Assistant Chiefs, Captains, and Firefighters work a 48 on / 72 off work schedule. Our Apparatus fleet consists of 2 Engines, 1 Reserve Engine, 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Crash Truck, 1 Special Operations Unit, and several Utility / Support Vehicles.


Thursday, April 16, 2015  Just after 1130 hours, as Engine 161 and other ACFD units were OOS at the ACFD Fire Training Academy for the auto extrication drill, Box 7110 was struck for a reported garage fire next to a house located in the 1100 block of South Rolfe St.  Engine and Truck 105 arrived 1st on the scene and reported "heavy fire" from a garage and shed with possible extension to the house.  Upon seeing the column of smoke from the Training Academy, Instructors advised units in the drill to return to service.  Engines 161 and 108 (Hall's Hill) returned to service and were dispatched on the 2nd alarm.  Engine 161 arrived and reported to staging along with Engine 108 just as Command (Battalion 111 Eversburg) requested the evacuation tones to be sounded by ECC.  Engine 161's crew advanced the 400' 1 3/4" attack line to Side Charlie of the house to stand by.  Battalion 112 (Miller) advised the crew to charge the line and put it in service.  The crew was directed to extinguish the shed that was originally on fire as well as other flames that remained on the house and deck.  Truck 105 put a elevated master stream in service and other crews put "ground monitors" in service as the incident changed to defensive operations.  The incident was later scaled back to Engine and Truck 105, Engine 101, and Rescue 109.  Engine 161 returned to service at 1421 hours.

Engine 161: D/O Jackson, OIC F/F M. Humphreys, F/F Leubke, F/F Thompson

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015  For the past few shifts, crews form Co.61 have been doing Auto Extrication training at the Arlington County Fire Training Academy. Crews refreshed their skills, as-well-as learned new ways to stabilize vehciles that have been overtunred due to accident. Firefighters also used hydraulic tools to gain access and rescue possible victims entrapped. Thank you to all the instructors from the FTA.




Wednesday, April 15, 2015  At 2152 hours, Arlington Fire ECC alerted units to Box 7001 for the reported structure fire located at 1121 Arlington Blvd in the River Place Complex.  While units were enroute on Channel 1 Charlie, ECC advised units that they were receiving multiple calls of a balcony on fire.  Engine 110 (Rosslyn) arrived on the scene and reported "nothing evident" from Side Alpha.  Engine 161 arrived seconds later picking up their own water supply and establishing the water supply for the high rise residential apartment building.  ACFD EMS 112 arrived and reported both flames and smoke showing from a balcony on the ground level as both Engines 110 and 161's crews advanced their standpipe racks.  Engine 110 extinguished a balcony fire that had also extended into the living room of the apartment as Engine 161's crew provided a back up line to them.  Engine 161 assisted crews with ventilation once the fire was knocked down.  Battalion 112 (Deavers) had the Command and Battalion 111 (Herbert) had the Interior Division.  Engine 161 picked up and returned to service in just under 1 hour.

Engine 161: D/O Strybing, Capt. Angerett, F/F Winfrey, F/F Grossman




Saturday, April 11, 2015  Just after 1530 hours, Engine 161 was alerted 2nd due for the "box assignment" at 2200 Columbia Pike. Engine and Rescue 109 arrived on scene of a residential high rise with "nothing evident" from the street level. Engine 161 secured their own water supply and established water supply to the building's standpipe connection. While Engines 109 and 161 along with Rescue 109 proceeded up to the penthouse level via Stairwell B, due to no elevator keys being on the building key sets, Engine 105 reported "smoke showing" from Side Charlie. Once arriving on the fire floor, crews were met with heavy smoke creating zero visibility conditions. Both Engine 109's and 161's crews advanced their 200' 1 3/4" high rise racks to the fire. Crews found a commercial grade dryer full of towels on fire. There was minimal extension and ventilation of the smoke was conducted by the Special Services. Battalion Chief 111 (Herbert) had Command. 1 member from Engine 161's crew was transported to an area hospital for evaluation and check up. The crew member was treated and released a few hours later and is now home doing fine. Engine 161: D/O Jackson, Capt. Angerett, F/F M. Humphreys, F/F Colon




Wednesday, February 25, 2015  At 1100 hours Engine 161 was dispatched to Box 7204 for a possible basement fire. Dispatch reported that the occupants were evacuating the house and that they had smoke inside the house. Engine 102 arrived on scene 1st due and reported smoke coming from the front door. E102 stretched a handline to the door and made entry with Rescue 109. Trucks 410 (Fairfax) and 106 positioned ladders and set up ventilation; as command ordered a "back-up" line to be pulled by E108's crew. E161 went to side "Charlie" and found smoke coming from a basement window. E161's driver hooked into the hydrant and established secondary water supply. Interior crews extinguished the fire and there were no injuries. All units returned to service at 1140 hours.

Engine 161: D/O: Jackson, Capt. Long, F/F Sullivan, F/F Galien




Friday, February 20, 2015  Just after 2000 hours, Engine 161 was dispatched for the "Box Assingment" at 2300 Columbia Pike. While enroute dispatch reported that they had mulitple calls coming in for flames visable inside a mechanics garage. Engine 101 arrived first due and reported a small fire visable and they were dropping a line. Engine 109 picked up their water supply, while E161 found the secondary water supply. E161's crew pulled a line off and Battalion 111 assigned them to go to the roof and search with Truck 105. E101 extinguished the fire with little extension. Squad 109 ventilated the building and all units returned to service at 2035 hours.

Engine 161: D/O: Jackson, Capt. Montgomery, F/F: Galien, F/F Bailey




Monday, February 16, 2015  The officers and firefighters of the department would like to congratulate F/F Mike Humphreys and his wife on the birth of their new son. Joeseph Humphreys was born Monday at 1220pm. He was 8lbs 2oz and 20.5" long. Mom and baby are healthy and now at home resting. Congratulations Mike, see you back soon.


Uncle F/F Jason Humphreys was able to take a couple hours off shift to visit his new nephew

Uncle F/F Jason Humphreys was able to
      take a couple hours off shift to visit
      his new nephew



Wednesday, February 11, 2015  At 1346 hours, Engine 161 was dispatched for the "Box Assignment" at the Rosslyn Metro Station. Dispatch reported that there was a fire down in the tunnels of the metro line. E110 arrived 1st due, and its crew went down to investigate. E161 took its 2nd due assignment and set up water supply, while its crew grabbed the highrise packs and headed down into the station. Truck 105, Rescue 104 arrived and started to secure the power to the station; while the remaining engine companies set up secondary water and EMS staging provided my Medic 110. Crews were down in the Metro and found nothing, just then dispatch reported the fire was closer to the Courthouse Metro Station. Command ordered all units to pack up and head to the Courthouse Station, about 12 blocks away. E301 (MWAA Airport) arrived 1st due along with T106. E161 set up water supply to the station, while the rest of the crew was assigned to RIT with T105. E105 found the secondary water supply. Metro PD shut down and secured the station. E301 was able to extinguish the fire and there were no injuries. Units returned to service just after 1530.

Engine 161: D/O Jackson, Capt. Long, F/F Galien, F/F Drake




Thursday, February 5, 2015  At 1637 hours, Box 7002 was sounded for a fire in the building at 1021 Arlington Blvd., bringing Engine 161 2nd due.  Engine 110 arrived on the scene of high rise residential with "nothing evident" from the street.  Upon entering the building, Engine 110's OIC was advised by a resident in the building that there were cabinets on fire in a apartment on the 12th floor.  Engine 161 arrived on the scene and established their own water supply and secured the water supply to the building's connections.  Once reaching the 12th floor, Engine 110's crew found a working fire in Apartment 1213.  Engine 161's crew arrived on the 12th floor after taking the steps to back up Engine 110's crew.  Command (Battalion 112-Fitch) requested the 2nd alarm to be dispatched and stage out on North Lynn Street.  Battalion 161 responded on the 2nd alarm and reported to staging before being released with other 2nd alarm units.  Engine 161 picked up and cleared the scene at 1723 hours.

Engine 161: D/O M. Humphreys, Capt. Angerett, F/F Leubke, F/F Thompson

Battalion 161: A/C Surette photo photo photo photo



Thursday, January 22, 2015  At 0440 hours, Engine 161 was dispatched to a house fire in (Box 7906) at 2112 South Randolph St. Engine 109 (Walter Reed) arrived on scene 1st due, and reported a "Working Fire." Engine 161 took their 4th due assignment on Side Alpha, and established RIT. Interior crews worked to extinguish the fire as well as conduct a search of the home. Rescue 109 (Walter Reed) found a victim trapped and removed the vitim from the structure. EMS crews awaiting outside took over and immediately began to treat the victim. A crewmember from Engine 161 took over driving the Medic Unit to the area hospital, while paramedics treated the patient. Unfortunately the victim later succumbed to thier injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Engine 161 returned to service at 0636 hours.

Engine 161: D/O: D'Agostino, Capt. Angerett, F/F Grossman, F/F Thompson

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