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IAFF Local F-253 is located on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA, which is home to the 3rd Infantry Regiment, US Army Band, Army Fife and Drum Corps, USMC and numerous civilian and military administrative personnel. We also provide response to Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC and the Arlington National Cemetery. On top of all of that, we also provide Aircraft Fire / Rescue at the Pentagon, as well as mutual aid to the Arlington County Fire Department and surrounding NOVA jurisdictions. We are a 31 personnel department in which the Assistant Chiefs, Captains, and Firefighters work a 48 on / 72 off work schedule. Our Apparatus fleet consists of 2 Engines, 1 Reserve Engine, 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Crash Truck, 1 Special Operations Unit, and several Utility / Support Vehicles.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014  At 1444 hours, Arlington ECC alerted units to the Whole Foods located at 2700 Clarendon Boulevard for multiple reports of smoke coming from the roof.  Battalion Chief 112 (Fitch) was quick to arrive and reported light smoke from the roof but reports that the fire was out.  Engine 161 was dispatched as the 2nd due Engine but arrived 1st and took their own hydrant and streched the 400' 1 3/4" into the building.  The crew found a fire involving the duct work and hood unit from a cooking device.  Crews extinguished the fire and ensured there was no other extension to the rest of the building before returning to service at 1614 hours.

Engine 161: D/O Strybing, Capt. Angerett, F/F M. Humphreys, F/F Minor




Saturday, September 13, 2014  At 0939 hours, Engine 161 was alerted for a EMS call on South Wayne Street in Company 1's 1st due.  While enroute, the crew could smell something burning in the area and noticed a haze acorss Columbia Pike.  The OIC of Engine 161 called Arlington ECC to see if they had any calls in the area for any fires, Arlington ECC advised that they did and will be dispatching it shortly.  Engine 161 continued to the EMS call but once arriving, was waved off by the Medic Unit.  Engine 161 asked Battalion Chief 111 (Vitalie) for permission to be added to the call, and were granted to be the 1st due Engine.  Battalion 111 arrived to find "smoke showing".  Engine 161 arrived and streched the 400' 1 3/4" into the building where they found another boiler room on fire just as they had before a few weeks prior.  The fire was extinguished and there was no extension.  Engine 161 picked up and returned to service at 1225 hours.

**NOTE, this was the 1st working fire for the new Engine 161**

Engine 161: D/O Jackson, Capt. Angerett, F/F Drake, F/F Grossman




Friday, August 29, 2014  At 1817 hours, Engine 161 was alerted to Box 7003 for multiple reports of fire and smoke coming from the roof of a building located at 1401 North Adams Street in the Rosslyn section of Arlington County.  Engine 110 (Rosslyn) arrived 1st to find "smoke showing" from the roof of the building.  Engine 161 arrived to pick up a hydrant and the crew entered the building with their high rise racks.  Units found a stubborn fire in the HVAC unit on the roof of the building.  Crews worked together both on the roof and floors below to get to the fire and remove smoke from the building.  Engine 161 picked up and returned to service at 1949 hours.

Engine 161: D/O D'Agostino, Capt. Montgomery, F/F Grierson, F/F Grossman




Friday, August 15, 2014  Just after 0930 hours, Engine 161 was alerted to 2012 Columbia Pike for the possible apartment fire.  Engine 161 was the first arriving Engine Company and found "smoke showing" from the rear of the building.  The crew advanced the 200' 1 3/4" into the building to find a fire in the boiler room.  All visible fire was extinguished and there was minimal extension.  Engine 161 picked up and returned to service at 1045 hours, there were no reported injuries.

Engine 161: D/O Jackson, Capt. Angerett, F/F Parise, F/F Grossman




Saturday, July 19, 2014  This afternoon, the members of IAFF Local F-253 and the Fort Myer Fire Department helped the Flick family throw a surprise 60th Birthday Party for Fort Myer Retiree Dave Flick. The surprise went as planned, even as Dave carried his own phone he cooked into the "cookout". Dave celebrated the day with close family, friends, and colleagues. Dave retired 3 years ago, and his cooking was a sweet treat to be reunited with once again, as Dave served as the in-house chef during his career here. It was such a great time, and many stories and laughs were shared. At the end of the day, Dave was given a gift from a couple of the firefighters on duty. It was a copy of the log journal from Dave's first day in the 1970's, as well as the journal entry of his very first call he ran at "The Fort". We would like to thank Deb and the Flick family for this special opportunity they afforded us. Please come back anytime!!!




Saturday, July 5, 2014  At 0229 hours, Engine 161 was alerted by Arlington ECC to the 500 block of North Piedmont Street for a dumpster on fire.  Once arriving at the intersection, the crew of 161 found multiple dumpsters on fire on both sides of the street.  Engine 161 requested additional resources to be dispatched to their location.  The crew from 161 handled a large dumpster loacted adjacent to a wood framed apartment building that had already extended to a wood fence and trees and started to threaten the building.  The fire was extinguished and there was no extension to the apartments.  Engine 161 picked up and cleared the scene at 0439 hours.

Engine 161: D/O J. Humphreys, Capt. Montgomery, F/F Galien, F/F Grossman




Friday, June 27, 2014  At 1306 hours Engine 161 responded to Clarendon Blvd and North Cleveland Street for the MVC with entrapment. Medic 110 arrived to find one vehicle overturned with no entrapment. Medic 110 handled patient care while the crew from E161 secured the vehicle and controlled fluid runoff. E161 returned to service at 1315 hours.

Engine 161: D/O M. Humphreys, Capt. Rearden, F/F Jackson, F/F Minor




Tuesday, June 24, 2014  Just before 0200 hours, Engine 161 was dispatched for the Structure Fire at 1706 South Oakland Street in Arlington County. Upon arrival, E161 picked up E107's secondary water supply on side Charlie of the structure. The crew gathered equipment and staged on side Alpha as the RIT company. The crew positioned ground ladders and vented windows, taking an active RIT role on the fire ground. Moments later, a MAYDAY was called by a member of E107. Crews rushed to his aide after he had fallen through the floor on Division 2. He was able to make it to the exterior on his own ability and crews quickly went back to work in their assigned roles. Command reassigned E161 to the interior to extinguish any remaining fire and perform extensive overhaul on the knee walls on Division 2. E161 operated for several hours before returning to service. Two ACFD members were transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. We would like to wish both of them a speedy recovery. Photos courtesy of

Engine 161: D/O M. Humphreys, OIC F/F Strybing, F/F Grossman, F/F Drake





The Officers and Members of the Fort Myer Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local F-253, would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Naval District Washington Fire Department, IAFF Local F-121, Stafford Volunteer Fire Department, and to the McDonald family on the Line of Duty Death of Battalion Chief John "Mac" McDonald. Chief Mac was a great friend and colleague to many members of Fort Myer, and has always been looked at as a fire service legend and inspiration. Chief McDonald was always willing to teach you something new about the fire service, and always had an interesting story to go along with it. Mac started as a Volunteer Firefighter in Stafford, Va., where he remained a Life Member and Past Fire Chief until his death. To his family and friends, we Thank You for sharing his friendship and wisdom with all of us over the years. RIP Chief Mac, we will take it from here Brother.




Monday, May 26, 2014  As with every year during the Memorial Day weekend, Engine 161 provided services and assistance to the visitors to Arlington National Cemetery as well as the surrounding area.  Engine 161 handled a few medicals that were related to the heat as well as a Motorcycle accident on Washington Blvd. This year however was a little different.  The personnel at the station wanted to truly honor those who had fallen while protecting our freedom.  Each person picked a service member to research including their hometown, family, military service, and how they perished at war.  Part of this project included going to the service man's gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery to pay personal respect.  While there, coincidentally, the crew on Engine 161 ran into Lcpl. Terry Honeycutt's parents.  Lcpl. Honeycutt was one of the service member's selected by one of our Firefighters.  We spoke with his parents and explained what we were doing.  They were honored that we were doing what we did and explained to us that when parents lose a son at war, their biggest fear is that they would not be remembered and that they would be just another name on a headstone in ANC.  On Sunday, Engine and UTV 161 provided a stand by at Rolling Thunder at North Parking of the Pentagon.  A couple minor EMS calls were handled and the annual "Master Stream Cooling Device" was put in service.  Also all the poster boards were on display for visitors and participants to read.  Also while there, a couple walked up to read what we had and were in shock when they read their own friend's story.  On  Monday, Battalion 161, Engine 161 B, UTV 161 and 509 (Manassas Park FD) provided stand by at the annual wreath laying ceremony by The President of The United States.  Another few medicals were taken in by crews with around an additional 20 visitors needing to cool off in the cooling tent. With no major incidents the weekend was a success.



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